What in the Hell is a Therapy Den?

Therapy used to be this sort of rigid, distant, patriarchal (read: problematic) structure. It was something created for and by white men. While we haven’t eradicated these roots entirely, the landscape looks pretty different today. Instead of laying on a couch while a cold and distant stranger analyzes you, therapy is a relational process. It’s collaborative, empowering, and personal. It’s something you might actually look forward to each week!

This reality has got me wondering why the marketing of therapeutic services still lags behind. For instance, many of the online directories or approved provider lists you get from your insurance company are bland, binary, and totally impersonal. When life exists on a spectrum, how in the world are you supposed to find a therapist in an either/or search? How do you read through bios that are convoluted and technical and decide who can best help you with your most vulnerable needs? When I ask folks how they found their therapist I usually get one of two responses - either they feel super lucky to have somehow wound up with someone they click with, or they don’t actually like their therapist all that much, but tolerate them because the process of finding someone new seems overwhelming.

We can do better, can’t we?

When a colleague told me about a new directory recently, I was skeptical. Could it really be all that different? Could it gain enough traction to beat out the racist, oppressive, and exclusive directories that monopolize the field? After spending just a couple of minutes on the website, my skeptical heart was encouraged enough to take the leap and create a profile. While putting together my listing, I was asked to answer questions I had never been asked before. Questions about my values and what I advocate for. Thank you!

Therapy Den is definitely different - and different in the best possible ways. This is a community fit for the times - it is accessible, inclusive, decidedly and proudly against racism and discrimination. It walks the talk. It’s easy to use and lets you engage with potential therapists in an authentic way. It is for people of color, for queers, for sex-workers, for non-binary and trans folks, for body-positive folks, for you. It’s about time, right?

To my fellow therapists - waste no time. Sign up for a free six months on Therapy Den today.

To potential clients - don’t settle for something that wasn’t made for you.

Oh, and to everyone I know - please sign this petition so another (sketchy to say the least) therapist directory, Psychology Today, will FINALLY add trans/non-binary as a gender option in their search function.